Following its release, the Telugu actor Kalyan Ram’s most recent film, Bimbisara, caused chaos at the box office. The big star of the film industry has returned with the action-packed thriller Amigos. Amigos, directed by upcoming director Rajendra Reddy and made by Mythri Movie Makers, debuted in theatres on February 10.

Even with all the hype, Amigos has received negative and positive responses from both audiences and critics. Despite having a roughly Rs 26 crore budget, the movie only made Rs 2.58 crore domestically and Rs 4.65 crore globally.

Kalyan Ram’s

In the Nizam area, where information on box office receipts are most recent, the film earned Rs 71 lakh, Rs 23 lakh in Uttarandhra, Rs 18 lakh, Rs 10 lakh, Rs 31 lakh, Rs 13 lakh, Rs 8 lakh, and Rs 10 lakh respectively. The sum collected by the Telugu-speaking states is Rs 2.03 crore, with Karnataka and the rest of India receiving Rs 20 lakh.

Amigos’ abroad performance was equally subpar, earning them only a pitiful Rs 35 lakh.

The box office totals show that the movie made Rs 11.30 crore in total revenue, while the break-even mark was Rs 12 crore. The box office receipts are much lower than Kalyan Ram’s previous film, Bimbisara, which debuted to Rs 6.30 crore in revenue. Amigos needed a total of Rs 9.42 crore to get a clean hit.

The female role in Amigos is played by debutante Ashika Ranganath. In the Rajendra Reddy-directed film, Nithin Prasanna, Sapthagiri, and Brahmaji also have title parts. Kalyan Ram plays three roles in the movie. Three buddies, Michael, Siddharth, and Manjunath Hegde, are the central characters of Amigos.

As a result of their interactions, the three becomes close. Siddharth enlists the help of Michael and Manjunath in order to win over Ishika, a.k.a. Ashika Ranganath. But as Michael’s hidden agenda is made clear, everyone experiences a bolt from the blue that completely alters the course of the picture.

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