In September 2023, Apple is anticipated to release its iPhone 15 series.

But as usual, there have been several leaks and speculative reports about the design, features, and other aspects of the forthcoming iPhones. Basic CAD images of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro purportedly appeared online recently, purporting to illustrate the model’s design. On top of that, 9to5Mac has given some further information on the phone’s design, cameras, keys, and display. According to the website, CAD renders are based only on input from suppliers of MFi accessories and other sources. The report asserts the following:

May sport Titanium frame

There are rumours that the Pro versions of the iPhone 15 series will have titanium cases and rounded edges. According to the source, numerous people have voiced their complaints about the newest iPhone models’ rough edges. If Apple truly implements these improvements, the iPhone will see one of the quickest design upgrades ever.

Camera bump may become thicker

Apple is also anticipated to enlarge the iPhone 15 Pro’s cameras. The camera bump in the forthcoming generation is probably going to be thicker, and the change might be more obvious because of the protruding lenses. Each lens protrusion has increased by more than double from the iPhone 14 Pro, according to the CAD image of the next iPhone 15 Pro.

Yet only the iPhone 15 Pro model, not the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is rumoured to include the larger camera hump. According to the CAD images, it is rumoured to launch with a smaller camera protrusion. The use of a periscope lens, which is anticipated for the more expensive Pro Max models, may be the cause of this disparity.

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