I ( Ashok Mote ) am from a village and my father brought me to Mumbai in 1990 when I was studying in class 10th. After being brought to Mumbai, I felt good at first, it was very good because I was very happy after coming from villages to cities, but that happiness did not last long because after four or five months my father asked me to go to work immediately. But since my father was a foreman, he employed me as a foreman. I worked as a manual laborer for a year but due to my lack of education I was not getting any other good job so I had no other option. Through the acquaintance of a friend, I started working as an office boy in an office in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. While working as an office boy, I got to learn many things there. I had a very low salary, but how was I able to make ends meet in that salary, but I understand the worldly way of working in the world. Learned many things.

While I was working as an office boy in that office, I eventually started working as a PRO in the same office. After that company closed in 2000, I became unemployed again, then I decided not to work anymore, but because I had recently got married and had my eldest son, I felt financially unstable. There was a little trouble in the house, so I needed to do something to earn a living. My mentality and my courage increased because I met many good people in seven or eight years because nothing is impossible in the world if I set my mind to it, so I started working again with a new hope. After working hard day and night, I stood back with a new hope, after that I became a social worker and became interested in politics. While doing social work, I got to see many ups and downs. Steady recovery in politics. After a change in my background, I ventured into real estate. While doing small and big jobs, I sometimes succeeded and sometimes failed, but I never wavered and started doing very big daring.
Sometimes I got lost in the transactions and sometimes I got stuck but I investigated everything carefully, learned everything after that I also invested a little in the stock market. Tried trading, due to lack of education due to lack of knowledge I also lost in it but I didn’t waver because people with me were patient and supportive so without wavering I started working again.
In real estate I discussed with people who trusted me and suddenly I met Praveen Pawar, Sandeep Meher, Sumit Patil, Sandeep Patil. I had three-four meetings with him. After an in-depth discussion, he said that we can do a very good job after starting the business of trading without lability. After exchanging ideas with some people close to me, I created the company Four Corner Developers. Six people became partners in it. Mainly Sandeep, Meher, Praveen Pawar, Laxman Shende, Sumit Patil, Sandeep Patil and I. We six people together created the firm Four Corner Developers and through it started the third Mumbai workout. In it we got support from farmers and also from people who believe in us. We ask people who put their trust in us to invest in title clear land without giving wrong information. People have shown a lot of faith in us and we will certainly justify it in the coming time. Even now we transfer the land of farmers in the name of investors without taking any risk. In the future, the same land will also help those investors to a greater extent when Govt. develops Third Mumbai. We can also progress to a very large level, so we are working out on it honestly from the beginning without going into small or large litigations.

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