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Your financial journey starts here. Subscribe to the Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass and unlock the doors to a brighter financial future.

Have you ever felt like your financial goals are just out of reach Are you eyeing that dream home or planning to start your own business but find your credit health woefully lacking What if there was a remedy to heal your financial health Enter the Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass – a one-stop, first-of-its-kind solution to understanding and enhancing your credit health effortlessly.

Track your CIBIL Score with ease

Understanding and improving your credit health can be a daunting task. Many people find themselves entangled in a web of credit myths and uncertainties. It’s a lot like navigating a maze without a map or a guide. A lack of clarity on how credit scores work and their impact on financial goals often leaves individuals feeling powerless and apprehensive.

But there’s no need to fear. Bajaj Finserv – in partnership with India’s pioneer credit information company, TransUnion CIBIL – has introduced a game-changing service. The Credit Pass is a revolutionary tool meant to demystify credit scores. It’s time to say goodbye to confusion and take control of your financial narrative.

Credit Pass features

Think of this CIBIL-powered subscription as a credit health mentor, providing guidance. So, what are the features that set the Credit Pass apart

Personalised dashboard: Your financial world, consolidated in one easy-to-navigate place. This personalised dashboard provides a 360-degree view of all your credit card and loan accounts for seamless access and updates.

Monthly credit score: Get unlimited access to your latest CIBIL Score every month. Keep regular tabs on your credit standing and eligibility for financial products so you’re always prepared to make the most of opportunities.

Credit Health Report: The Credit Pass provides a real-time Credit Health Report – a comprehensive deep-dive into your credit profile. Leverage it for clear, in-depth insights into your credit health that go beyond mere score updates.

Credit factors: Closely monitor the key factors that shape your credit score, like your repayment behaviours and credit utilisation trends. Use it to keep track of upcoming deadlines and manage your enquiries and credit mix. Clarity on these nuances can empower you to make informed decisions,

Credit Score Simulator: What if you could peer into the future of your credit-related decisions The premium tier of the Credit Pass comes with a powerful predictive tool. It allows you to forecast the potential impact on your score when considering financial moves, putting you in control.

Credit Pass subscription plans

People have diverse needs, and Bajaj Finserv understands this. That’s why Credit Pass plans are available in two variants for maximum affordability and flexibility.

Standard plan (Rs. 59 for 6 months): A budget-friendly option for those dipping their toes into credit monitoring. Valid for 6 months, its an ideal starting point to understand the ropes of credit health.

Premium plan (Rs. 99 for 12 months): For the enthusiasts ready for a deeper dive. With a 12-month validity, the premium plan unlocks exclusive features, making it a comprehensive tool for long-term credit management.

Credit Pass benefits

Knowledge leads to empowerment, and armed with the Credit Pass, you hold the reins to your credit health. Regular credit score monitoring goes beyond one-time checks and has long-term implications. From better loan approval rates to lower interest rates, the Credit Pass becomes your strategic ally, guiding you to financial stability.

Remember, the proactive steps you take today shape a secure and prosperous tomorrow. So, take the first step toward better credit health by subscribing to the Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass today. Make the most of the clarity it provides to shape a resilient financial future. Don’t just dream – make it happen with the Credit Pass.

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