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HDFC Life, a leading insurer in India, has unveiled its latest campaign ‘No Jhanjhat Life Insurance Fatafat‘. This campaign promises a seamless and swift life insurance purchasing experience, tailored for todays fast-paced world.

HDFC Life announces the ‘No Jhanjhat Life Insurance Fatafat’ campaign

As the campaigns protagonist navigates lifes challenges, each scene serves as an endearing analogy to the simplicity of purchasing insurance through HDFC Lifes online channel. Picture this: a series of seven short videos, with light-hearted yet informative narratives, designed to tickle your funny bone while showcasing the ease and swiftness of purchasing life insurance online on www.hdfclife.com.

Vishal Subharwal – Group Head Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, HDFC Life

Click here for the videos.

Bid farewell to cumbersome paperwork and lengthy waiting period – HDFC Life offers a range of benefits at your fingertips. Leading the charge in innovation, HDFC Life leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance accessibility and convenience. From customisable plans like Click2Achieve to expert advice and instant quotes, HDFC Life ensures a hassle-free journey towards financial security.

Vishal Subharwal – Group Head Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, HDFC Life emphasised the importance of raising awareness about life insurance in India, where penetration remains low. He stated, “India has very low penetration of life insurance – 3.2%* coupled with a vast protection gap of about 91%**. This data indicates an extreme need for awareness of the product category. We at HDFC Life are innovating to create products that are easy to understand and can be purchased online conveniently.”

In FY 2024, HDFC Life has already secured over 66 million lives, with a claim settlement ratio of 99.7%. The campaigns ultimate goal is to encourage individuals across the nation to secure themselves and their families financially through the digital platform, designed for anytime purchase and service.

Through initiatives like the “No Jhanjhat Life Insurance Fatafat” campaign, HDFC Life is committed to contributing to the mission of Insurance for all by 2047.

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