Salman Khan has discussed getting threats to his life as well as his present level of security. He said, “I have to be very careful.”

Salman Khan, an actor, has talked openly about receiving death threats, his security, and his experiences handling them. Salman stated that he had no concerns about threats and felt completely safe in the UAE in a recent interview that was conducted in Dubai. He also mentioned that India is having a difficulty. Additionally, he stated that he is “very careful” and doing everything that has been requested of him.

In response to threats of death, the Mumbai Police gave Salman Y-category security. After the actor received a threat letter from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, the Maharashtra government assigned security escorts to him. Salman also received a threat by phone in March and a letter in April of this year.

Salman added, “Security is preferable to insecurity,” in an interview with Aap Ki Adalat. Yes, there is security. The ability to ride a bicycle on the road and travel alone is no longer available. Additionally, I now have the issue of so many security and vehicles causing other people’s discomfort when I am in traffic. They also gaze at me. my unfortunate fans, too. Security is present because there is a threat. I’m following instructions exactly. In Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, there is a phrase that reads,

“They have to be lucky once, I have to be lucky 100 times.” I have to exercise extreme caution.

“I am going everywhere with full security,” he continued. Yaha pe fully secure yaha par hoon toh kisi cheeze ki zarurat bhi nahi yaha. When I’m here, there is no need for anything; everything is completely safe, in India, k andar thoda sa hai problem. There is a minor issue within India. No matter what you do, I know that whatever is going to happen, will happen. I really think that God is up there (pointing skyward). It’s not like I’m going to start wandering about at will. There are now a tonne of Sheras all around me. I carry around so many guns that I’m afraid right now.

The Mumbai Police recently detained a youngster for reportedly threatening to kill Salman over the phone. The police claimed that on April 10, a threat call was placed to the Mumbai Police control room threatening to “eliminate” Salman on April 30.

On March 26, another person was arrested for sending a threat mail to Salman.

He was apprehended and taken into custody. A case was registered at Bandra police station. The accused, in his mail, alleged that the actor will meet the same fate as slain singer “Sidhu Moosewala“.

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