The Odisha government announced that the movie Zwigato, which was filmed in Bhubaneswar, would not be subject to entertainment tax.

The Odisha government announced that Zwigato, which was filmed in Bhubaneswar, would not be subject to the entertainment tax. On Wednesday, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik gave his approval to the plan to exclude the movie from the entertainment tax. According to a formal declaration from the CMO, “The government is actively marketing Odisha as a location for film filming. This will boost tourism potential and give our bright young people job chances.

According to the release, “The Chief Minister complimented the efforts of film director Nandita Das for promoting Odisha as a location for making commercial movies.” In addition, CM Naveen Patnaik saw a special showing of the film at his house with Nandita Das in attendance.

“The Chief Minister applauded the film for its effective depiction of the harrowing existence of ordinary men in urban areas. He also admired the film’s creative treatment of the subject. He thought that the film would be successful in conveying a message of social reform and human values.

Kapil Sharma plays the lead role in the Nandita Das-directed film, which is distributed by Applause Entertainment. The former floor manager (Kapil) of a factory loses his job due to the pandemic, which is the subject of the movie. He then struggles with the world of ratings and rewards while working as a food delivery rider. His stay-at-home wife starts looking into other employment options to supplement the family’s income, both terrified and thrilled about her newfound independence.

The movie is about how life is unrelenting, but there are also shared joyful times. It depicts the everyday lives of ‘regular’ but invisible people.

Despite Zwigato’s modest box office success, reviewers have given movie positive reviews.

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