MAGS by Sananda Basak: Pune Based Designer Brand Crafting Couture and Redefining Femininity

Step into the extraordinary realm of MAGS by Sananda Basak, a luminary fashion design house reshaping the narrative of femininity through impeccable creations.

Models showcasing designs with unique prints of MAGS by Sananda Basak

Sanandas designs, characterized by clean cuts, geometric patterns and uncluttered colors, deliver a powerful yet graceful aesthetic that transcends conventional fashion. These dresses are more than garments; they are an embodiment of personal sovereignty.

In the words of a wearer, Wearing a MAGS by Sananda Basak “feels like having my own throne and kingdom, where I am free to embrace my true self without compromising my femininity.”

The recently unveiled Elemento Collection from the design house introduces innovative fabrics like those made from Bemberg™ï¸ yarn, providing unparalleled comfort, breathable and are anti-static.

Sanandas latest designs are a testament to innovation, featuring lace details in unexpected places, cinches at the waist, and patterns that achieve drama through understated simplicity. Each piece authentically reflects the wearer, providing a canvas for genuine self-expression. Some dresses possess an enchanting allure on their own, while others work their magic by elevating the wearer to a mesmerizing presence. Its a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion.

What sets Sanandas creations apart is not just their aesthetic appeal but also their intelligent design. The earthy simplicity and elegance coexist with the luxury of anti-static and anti-fall features, offering a wardrobe that is not only stylish but also effortlessly low-maintenance, much like a second skin.

Sanandas couture sits comfortably in the realm of mid-luxury, ensuring that the allure of designs remains within reach. Yet, the true essence lies in the person behind the creations. Sananda Basak, described as the most lovely and wonderful soul, is the true artist, personally designing and crafting each piece.

About the Designer
Schooled from the prestigious INIFD, Kolkata, Sananda Basak established the fashion design venture “MAGS” in Pune in 2009. In 2017, she established her trademark brand “MAGS By Sananda Basak” to be a mark of testament to her commitment to redefining luxury fashion. Her artistic journey began against the backdrop of Calcuttas rich cultural tapestry, where her early years were immersed in the grace of traditional Indian attire and the enchantment of Bollywood allure. She creates prints that are original and unique.

Step into a world where fashion becomes a celebration of individuality, and every creation is a testament to the power and grace of true femininity. if you are looking at affordable couture making you feel like a queen get in touch with them On 9370835130. You could also visit their website or check out their Instagram handle MAGSBySanandaBasak.

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