Manoj Jarange Patil Wiki – Manoj Jarange Patil has led several movements since 2014. Police action on his movement regarding the Maratha reservation is being considered as the reason for violence.

The Maratha’s movement reservation is going on in Jalna which is being led by Manoj Jarange Patil. He is at the center of the Maratha movement. He joined the movement to get reservations for the Maratha community in government 15 years ago. He sold 2.5 acres of his 4 acres of agricultural land to meet his daily needs.

Who is Manoj Jarange?

On 29 Agusut 2023, Manoj was on hugner striek in Atarvali-Sarate village. On the 4th day of the strike, a police convoy tried to forcibly admit him to the hospital then a scuffle broke out between the police and supporters of Manoj. This incident made headlines and unknown Maratha activist Manoj came into the political limelight.

Manoj Jarange worked for Congress for some time and he formed an organization called Shivba Sangathan to agitate of Maratha reservation. The Shivba activists took a step forward and attacked the accused were taken to court for a hearing for murdering of a 15-year-old Maratha girl in Kopardi in 2016.

Manoj Jarange Wiki, Bio, Age

Manoj Jarange Patil is 40 years old. He was born in the Beed district of Maharashtra. He went to the Ambad, Jalna to work in a hotel for livelihood. To begin with, he was a congress worker and later he separated from the party.

Manoj Jarange’s native village is Mathori in Gevrai taluk. He completed his secondary education in Beed district.

Manoj Jarange, a resident of Matori village in the Beed district, has been advocating for the Maratha reservation for 10 to 15 years. Even after moving to Ambad in Jalanya, he continued his efforts, selling agricultural property to financially support marches, protests, and hunger strikes for the cause. Jarange recognized as a fervent campaigner for the Maratha quota, maintained his commitment without neglecting his family responsibilities.

Leading various movements since 2014, Jarange has been a focal point in the Maratha reservation campaign in Jalna. The police action against his movement is seen as a catalyst for recent events. At 40 years old, born in Maharashtra’s Beed district, Manoj sold a significant portion of his land to sustain his involvement in the cause.

Initially a member of Congress, Jarange left the party when he felt the Maratha movement’s voice was diminishing. He then founded the Shivba organization, swiftly gaining prominence within its structure. Associated with the Shivba group, he played a role in the Kopardi rape suspect’s case in Ahmednagar district.

Manoj Jarange’s relentless pursuit of justice for the Maratha community led to his involvement in various agitations, including an eight-month campaign for the Maratha reservation in Sashta Pimpalgaon, Jalna district, in 2021. Through the Gorigandhari movement, he secured financial assistance for families affected by the Maratha reservation campaign, making him the face of the Maratha movement in Marathwada.

Marching on the Aurangabad Divisional Commissionerate and sparking debates throughout Maharashtra, Jarange continued his fervent advocacy in Jalanya. His consistent dedication to the Maratha cause has solidified his position as a prominent campaigner in the region.

Manoj Jarange Family

Manoj Jarange was born to Raosaheb Jarange (Father) and Prabhavati (Mother) in Beed District, Maharashtra. He grew up with his three brothers whose names are not known.

Manoj Jarange Wife, Children

Manoj Jarange is a marreid man. His wife’s name is not known. He and his wife have been blessed with four children. Their children’s names are not known. 

Manoj has been on fast for the last 10 days so when his wife was asked about this, she said,

“I am also a little worried about him now. The government should also take care of them. The government should take the decision that it wants to take by twelve o’clock today. Yesterday he had given a deadline till five o’clock. But he asked for more time. But they will be ready to end their hunger strike only if the government gives a decision by twelve o’clock today.”

She added,

“It is a big mistake of the ministers in the government to understand them. They should keep their mistake in their mind. Because he (Manoj Jarange) has been fighting for Maratha reservation for at least 22 years. Ministers should also understand this. When the polls are near, these ministers go door-to-door for their seats. But we are doing this fast for the unbroken Marathas of Maharashtra.” 

Manoj Jarange Height, Weight

Manoj Jarange’s height and weight are not known

Manoj Jarange Patil Religion, Caste

Manoj Jarange follows the Hinduism religion and belongs to the Maratha community. 

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