In the CONMEBOL museum, Lionel Messi’s statue will be situated alongside to those of legendary athletes Diego Maradona and Pelé.

Argentina’s soccer star Lionel Messi holds a replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy next to a statue of himself during a ceremony at the CONMEBOL headquarters in Asuncion.

After his life-size monument was revealed and the Argentine team that won the world cup was honoured, Lionel Messi gave an emotional statement in an attempt to express what the victory meant to him.

“This gives me the fulfilment I was seeking. Thank God, I’ve got it all in football,” said Messi.

The statue, which will be displayed at the museum next to the statues of the illustrious athletes Diego Maradona and Pelé, was handed to the 35-year-old Argentine icon by South American football’s governing body Conmebol on Monday.

“I have these cups at my home museum. We appreciate Conmebol paying homage to us, and Sole’s theme is one we frequently play.

It makes me think of the time she sung it to Diego. We had the good fortune to return to Argentina after the World Cup, and we have received numerous displays of affection.

Argentina’s citizens demonstrate that it was different, according to Messi.

Also, he discussed the widespread support for him and Argentina that was felt before, during, and after the world cup in Qatar.

“I had never considered this; when I was a young lad, I wanted to play professional football. I’ve always made an effort to get better and want more. Despite my many failures, I never lost hope. The most essential thing is to win, therefore that’s what I always wanted to strive for. The ball is the most beautiful thing there is when you’re fighting for your dreams, Messi said.

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