Bhoomika Films & Entertainment and Rise Entertainment’s Raundal (Marathi; UA) is the story of the hot-headed Shiva (Bhau Shinde) who lives in a village in Ahmednagar district with his father, mother and grandfather. He does sugarcane farming but when the sugar factory owner, Bittu Sheth (Yashraj Dimbale), refuses to buy the sugarcane grown by him and everyone else in his village, Shiva decides to get even with Bittu Sheth. Does Shiva ultimately get justice for his village?

Gajanan Nana Padol has written a story which is rooted in the village. That is why it holds very limited appeal for the city audience. Besides, it moves on a single track and, therefore, fails to sustain the audience’s interest for long. His screenplay is alright but again, it has limited appeal. By the end of the drama, the viewers’ thirst for entertainment is not quenched completely. Gajanan Nana Padol’s dialogues are so-so.

A tale that is deeply embedded in the community was penned by Gajanan Nana Padol. It therefore has virtually little appeal to audiences in cities. In addition, it only takes one direction, which makes it difficult to keep the audience’s interest for very long. His screenplay is passable, but it once again has no attraction. The drama’s conclusion leaves the audience’s appetite for amusement rather unsatisfied. The dialogue in Gajanan Nana Padol is mediocre.

As Shiva, Bhau Shinde does fine. Neha Sonawane does admirably in her first part as Nanda and has a good appearance. As Bittu Sheth, Yashraj Dimbale makes an outstanding debut. The role of Bittu Sheth’s father, Anna, is well supported by Shivraj Walvekar. In his role as Gulabrao, Shiva’s father, Ganesh Deshmukh does fine. Tiramak, Shiva’s companion, is adequately played by Sagar Lokhande. As managing director Vishal, Balasaheb Shinde is mediocre. In a brief appearance as newspaper reporter Sachin Gaike, Gajanan Padol is average.

The directing of Gajanan Nana Padol is decent. Two of the songs (written by Harshit Abhiraj) are really well-written, while the others are just average. Balasaheb Sinde, Dr. Vinayak Pawar, and Sudhakar Sharma’s lyrics are commonplace. The choreography of Neha Mirajkar is nothing to dance about. The soundtrack by Rohit Nagbhide has a strong emotional impact. The cinematography by Aniket Khandagale is quite nice. Moses Fernandes’ action sequences provide a purpose. The art direction by Gajanan Sontakke is appropriate. Editing by Faisal Mahadik is adequate.

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