Rohit J Jadhav is known as a successful director in the Marathi Album Industry. He initially started his career as a theatre director and won the best director award at the 18th Maharashtra State-level Children’s Drama Competition. He debuted as a Casting and Assistant Director in the Hindi movie Perfect Plan. He has performed as a supporting actor in Yuntum: Sanely Insane movie. He has directed Hit Marathi album songs like Jhuta Pyaar, Kajwa and Navrai (Kajwa 2), Mi Single, Tring Tring, and Man Zuru Lagala, Bhava, has been a project head for more than 20 songs and a producer for 3 projects also has been the casting director and project head for the popular music album Majhi Baay Go which has received more than 126 million views.

Rohit J Jadhav Projects

He puts forward to give opportunities to new faces on the screen. He has his own production house in Nashik (Dry Day Digital) and a team of skilled DOPs, Production Controllers, Line Producers, Production Managers, Production Assistants, Art Directors, Art Assistants, Location Managers, and Video Editors. In the year 2022, He as a director and at times as a creative producer along with his team has created around 32 album songs and has received overall more than 109 million views in a single year. With this overwhelming response from the audience, his desire to give big hits has strengthened.

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