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He highlighted the attack on the Executive Engineer of the Asansol Municipal Corporation, Abhijit Adhikari’s residence and released a video on X and Facebook regarding the incident. Mukherjee condemned the event, likening it to something out of a movie. He accused a promoter named Ashish Patel of unauthorized possession and construction within the jurisdiction of the Asansol Municipal Corporation. Mukherjee criticized the officials’ negligence, stating that the building in question was constructed illegally on public grounds where Durga Puja, a widely attended festival, used to take place.

He mentioned irregularities in the documentation related to the building’s construction and claimed that despite objections raised by officials, attempts were made to purchase their cooperation. Mukherjee warned of protests by the BJP if the authorities failed to take action against the unauthorized construction.

He also criticized the involvement of certain influential figures behind Patel’s actions.

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