The Kerala Story released on May 5. The Adah Sharma film saw a massive growth on Day 2.

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  • The Kerala Story released on May 5 amid multiple controversies.
  • Early estimates suggest the film saw a huge growth on Day 2.
  • It has been helmed by Sudipto Sen.

The Kerala Story premiered in theatres amidst numerous controversy. As Adah Sharma’s movie became the buzz of the town on its opening day on May 5, Twitter was split on the issue. Here are the early box office projections for Day 2. It implies that the movie experienced significant growth on its first Saturday after opening to respectable figures.


Since the day of its debut, the movie has gotten a variety of reviews. The movie’s Day 2 early estimates are available, and they indicate that Adah Sharma’s picture experienced a significant increase on its opening Saturday. According to a Sacnilk report, the movie brought in Rs. 8.03 crore on Day 1. TKS is anticipated to earn about Rs 12.50 crore on Day 2. The movie is anticipated to earn Rs 20.53 crore in total revenue. The precise numbers have not yet arrived.


The Kerala Story is reported to revolve around an innocent Hindu woman from Kerala, who is brainwashed by Islamic friends and gets converted. She is later sent to the ISIS Terrorist Organisation. However, what shocked everyone was when it was revealed that the film is based on real-life incidents where around 32,000 women from Kerala are trapped under this hazardous scheme.

The film was in the scanner ever since the trailer released. Following this, there has been a rise in resentment and protests stating that the film should be banned. However, the description of the film’s trailer altered from being the ‘story of 32,000 women’ to that of three women just recently. That sparked another round of debate.

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