The thieves bypassed the Apple Store’s security system by using the neighbouring coffee shop, as they tunneled their way into the store through a bathroom of Seattle Coffee Gear.

People frequently take inspiration from Hollywood films and make plans that get them into trouble. Additionally, the idea of a heist has gained so much traction that we now hear about planned thefts practically daily.

In a recent incident, burglars entered a nearby Seattle Coffee Gear, drilled a hole in the restroom wall and took 436 iPhones, totaling around $500,000, or about 4.10 crore.

The nearby coffee shop was used by the burglars to get over the Apple Store’s security system, according to a report by Seattle’s local television programme, King 5 television. According to the complaint, they entered the store via a bathroom tunnel.

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Eric Marks, the regional retail manager, admitted he had received a call about the break-in after the occurrence. He learned how his shop was utilised to enter the Apple Store after the cops confirmed it.

I didn’t realise we were close to the Apple Store because of the way the building wraps around. So, someone had to carefully consider it and know how the mall was laid out, Marks told King 5 News.

The coffee shop’s CEO, Mike Atkinson, even went so far as to tweet about the incident and a photo of the tunnel the robbers made in the lavatory of the Apple Store. Two males entered one of our retail establishments illegally. Why? In order to break into the Apple Store next door and steal $500k worth of iPhones, he tweeted, “to cut a hole in our bathroom wall.”

Atkinson claims that the Seattle Coffee Gear had to pay about $900 on new locks. He also anticipates that additional toilet repairs will cost between $600 and $800.

The shop is at Seattle’s Alderwood Mall. Apple has not released a statement regarding the incident, despite the fact that authorities are looking into the break-in.

The first two Apple retail locations in India were inaugurated by Apple CEO Tim Cook on 18 and 20 April in Mumbai’s BKC and Delhi’s Saket.

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