With the vision of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi of making GIFT City a benchmark for entertainment and technology, Tuneland India recently showcased this aspiration in full force.

Two unforgettable days at Tuneland India with B Praak and Vishal Mishra, 11-12 May at GIFT City, Gandhinagar

Ahmedabad has recently witnessed a surge of new-age artists and pop singers visiting the city and putting on electrifying performances. Amongst these, one festival that stood out was Tuneland India. Organised by The Black Entertainment and Buzzer Bros, presented by Kody Technolab Ltd., Tuneland India happened on May 11th and 12th at GIFT City, Gandhinagar. The two-day extravaganza saw a staggering crowd of over 35,000 people, making it one of the biggest music festivals in Gujarats history.

The events highlights were the power-packed performances by B Praak and Vishal Mishra, one of the biggest artists in the Indian music industry, who left the audience in awe with their energetic and mesmerizing performances. The stage setup was a sight to behold, adding to the event’s grandeur, and uplifting the artists’ performances and the audience’s spirits.

But what made it truly unique was the groundbreaking integration of technology. With the association of Kody Robots, Athena Robots who handled the entire surveillance of Tuneland, and Dasher Robots who served food to all VIPs, Tuneland became the first-ever event in India to integrate live robots and set a precedent for more technologically advanced events in India.

Tuneland India was more than just a concert. It was a music festival experience that offered something for everyone. The event featured 15 popular food brands, catering to diverse tastes and cuisines, ensuring the attendees were delighted and energized throughout the festival. The photobooths, arcade games and other entertainment activities were a huge hit among the audience, adding to the fun and excitement of the event.

Himanshu Rathod, one of the founders of Tuneland India, expressed his gratitude at the turnout, “It was not an easy feat, to rebuild the event after it was postponed due to unforeseen weather conditions. Despite that, our hardworking and dedicated team has worked relentlessly to make Tuneland a hit. We thank our sponsors and the fans for their support in making Tuneland the success that it was. It was a privilege to share the vision of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji with this event, of making GIFT City a place where entertainment and technology unite.”

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The event was presented by Kody Technolab Ltd., building the future of events with AI-powered robots. Powered by Rajyash, Royce One, and Shrimm, shaping landmarks to create legacies in the real estate world. Tuneland India also partnered with Brillare India as the beauty partner and Ocean Blue Travels as the travelling partner.

Tuneland India in its entirety was a new benchmark in terms of an independently organized event, with top-of-the-line artists, quality setup, and tons of entertainment installations. When asked for a message to those who missed out on this incredible event, the organizers simply said: “#StayTuned.”

About Tuneland India

Tuneland is a premier music festival, offering an immersive experience with top-tier performances, diverse food stalls, and interactive activities. Held at iconic locations, it attracts a vibrant mix of music lovers, creating unforgettable memories and a unique sense of community. Join us for an unparalleled celebration of music, culture, and innovation!

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