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The project comprises 259 plots ranging from 753 Sq.ft. to 1500 sq.ft., all approved by CMDA and Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)

VGNs layout are developed with Plug & Play features & Amenities such as Metro water provision, Underground sewage provision, Piped Natural gas (PNG) provision, Underground EB & Stormwater trench.

The Chennai-based VGN Group, a leading real estate builder and developer in the city, has launched residential plots at Thiruvottiyur, 200 meters from WIMCO Nagar Metro station in North Chennai. The layout is modelled on a fully-compounded gated community with 259 plots, each ranging from 753 to 1500 sq.ft. Approved by CMDA and Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), the plots are priced at Rs. 6999 per sq.ft.

VGN Launched Gated Community Plots “VGN PARADISE” at Thiruvottiyur, WIMCO Nagar in North Chennai

VGNs layout are developed with Plug & Play features & Amenities such as Metro water provision, Underground sewage provision, Piped Natural gas (PNG) provision, Underground EB & Storm water trench. The layout features roads, measuring 7.2 to 9 metre width, built on the standards set by the Indian Roads Congress, a government body. They have raised platforms for pedestrians. The layout has a well-developed park – and there are over a 1000 avenue trees within the gated community. It also has obtained Approved Project Financial (APF) number, making it easy for buyers & investors to get loans from banking and Non-Banking Financial Companies.

WIMCO Nagar, where the layout is located, was long considered the ‘secret treasure’ of Chennai, as its real estate potential is not fully realised. However, the arrival of the Metro Station, the first station on the route in North Chennai, made WIMCO Nagar a pivotal point on Chennai’s mobility landscape, besides paving the way for rapid infrastructure development – so much so that it is now billed as the next Anna Nagar. Still, land prices at WIMCO Nagar are less than 50% of what they are in Anna Nagar. As WIMCO Nagar is not a low-lying area and as it was not created by destroying any water bodies, the region is not vulnerable to floods.

In his comments, Mr. V.N. Devados, Chairman cum Managing Director, VGN Group, said, “We have created this vast layout close to the Metro Station. It sports broad roads and a well-developed park. Easy and quick access to roads and trains make the real estate irresistible for those who commute to work. One can reach central part of Chennai within 30 minutes either on road or by train. Also, it takes an equal amount of time to reach both Anna Nagar and WIMCO Nagar from Chennai Central. Better air quality and the availability of water, power, and PNG, besides proper sewage and stormwater drainage are the key attractions for the residents. There are large industries such as Manali Petroleum Refinery, Ennore Thermal Power Station, and MRF, but as they are located well within the industrial zone, the environment is clean in the residential areas. It is well documented that the air quality in WIMCO Nagar is better than what is in Mount Road.”

He pointed out that the present government has earmarked Rs. 1,000 crore for the ‘Valarum Vada Chennai’ project which aims to create healthcare facilities, and physical infrastructure in Thiruvottiyur, WIMCO Nagar and other parts of North Chennai. Surveys are being done and there will be many new projects in this region. The government is also planning to develop a beach with parks, bridge, glass tunnel, and cycle tracks. Hence, people looking for a plot to construct homes and good investment opportunities in real estate can choose, WIMCO Nagar in general and our layout “VGN Paradise” in particular with eyes closed.

For more details, please visit: www.vgnhomes.org.

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