Netizens are convinced that Salman Khan gave the cold shoulder to Vicky Kaushal as he refused to shake hands at IIFA 2023. Read reactions!

Salman Khan exudes an air that even top Bollywood celebrities find intimidating. However, an apparently unlucky situation occurred when Vicky Kaushal entered IIFA 2023 and was immediately benched. Internet users have been responding to the trending video and agreeing that Bhaijaan appears to have shunned Katrina Kaif’s husband. For all the information, scroll down.

As most people are aware, there are frequently repeated memes that claim Salman dislikes Vicky due to his marriage to Katrina Kaif. Before the co-star of Tiger 3 moved on and began dating Ranbir Kapoor, the celebrity dated her for an arduous 7 years. There have also been rumours that she ended up getting married to the Uri actor despite later reigniting her affair with Khan.

Does Salman Khan harbour resentment towards Vicky Kaushal? The actor who played Tiger, in the opinion of the internet, allegedly gave his colleague the cold shoulder during the IIFA 2023 press conference. Vicky can be seen mingling with admirers in a video that has surfaced online, even offering them selfies.

A man could be seen carrying Vicky Kaushal and sidelining him as Salman Khan approached the scene. The star clearly ignored the actor from Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’s attempt to shake hands and instead chose to converse with him verbally. The spouse of Katrina Kaif is also shoved by one of the bodyguards while he is chatting to Dabangg Khan.

Reacting to the video, a user wrote, “Vicky bhai se haath milana chahta tha..

Bhai ne ignore kar diya”

Another commented, “Ghar ke jhadu jaise kone mei kardiya”

“Latrina ka pati ke awkaat,” a comment read.

A user noted, “Vicky bechare ko kaise side kar diya bc”

While another wrote, “Vickey kushal -sala Mera koi izzat nhi hai”

What do you think about this contentious video starring Vicky Kaushal and Salman Khan?

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