YAVATMAL: A 35-year-old man and his younger brother have been detained by Wadgaon Jungle police on suspicion of killing their wives. The accused were presented to the court on Saturday, and they were ordered to remain in police custody for three days. Police claim that in May 2015, Nilesh Banduji Dethe, a native of Pimpri (Buti) village, married the deceased Jyotsna, who was 28 years old. Their two children are Vaibhav (8) and Swara (6).

Police said Jyotsna had an extra-marital affair and on three occasions, Nilesh had caught her in a compromising position with her paramour. He cautioned her and even informed her brother about her “ misdemeanours”. On Friday, he saw his wife with her paramour and thrashed her. He took her to a nearby dam where he thrashed her again. She collapsed and remained unconscious. Nilesh has then called his younger brother Nithesh, said police. Meanwhile, Nilesh made a phone call to Jyotsna’s brother Vithal Kavadu Tikhat, a resident of Ranwad village in Ralegaon tehsil of Yavatmal district.

While the brothers were transporting Jyotsna to Ralegaon on a bike, Vithal left for Pimpri. Around Metikheda village, Vithal ran into Nilesh and Nitesh. The trio hurried Jyotsna, who was unconscious, to a private physician in Ralegaon. But because the local physician was out of town, the group transported Jyotsna to the government hospital in Ralegaon, where she was pronounced dead. In the Ralegaon police station, Vithal made a police report. Given that the event occurred in the vicinity of Wadgaon Jungle Police Station, the case was transferred there.

PSO Investigative work is being done by Pavan Rathod. In a separate incident, a 53-year-old man is accused of killing his wife and then committing himself in the Amdi village of the Parseoni tehsil between 8 p.m. on Thursday and 5.30 a.m. on Friday. This guy was suspected of having an affair.

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