Ali Fazal, an actor best known for his roles in “Death on the Nile” and “Victoria & Abdul,” is a member of the American Academy.

ali fazal with tom cruise

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences includes actor Ali Fazal, who is best known for his roles in the films “Death on the Nile” and “Victoria & Abdul.”

The actor who was there out of duty recently represented India at the renowned Oscar luncheon.

This year, India has received three nominations for the Oscars: Shaunak Sen’s “All That Breathes,” “RRR” for Best Original Song, and Guneet Monga’s “The Elephant Whisperers,” which was directed by Kartiki Gonsalves.

Speaking about the same, Ali said, “As a representative of Indian cinema, it was wonderful to be there with Shaunak and Guneet. Being present to witness the celebration of “All That Breathes,” one of the most iconic movies I have recently seen, and our theatre, was a very gratifying moment “.

Hollywood power players, including Tom Cruise, an international superstar, attended the luncheon. Ali was one of the youngest members from India when he was elected as a member of the Academy in 2018. Ali, who is in LA on business, joined the brilliant group and added his support for the Indian films that are promoting the nation.

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