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BeSingular , a leading platform for future skills development, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with the prestigious University of Technology, Dresden to offer students an unparalleled educational experience in technology and innovation. Renowned for its eminence and unwavering commitment to quality, TU Dresden fosters a spirit of innovation. This dedication translates into rigorous academic standards, ensuring an exceptional educational experience.

Germanys distinguished culture and conducive environment was a compelling factor in BeSingulars decision to establish this groundbreaking partnership. Unlike the systems elsewhere, Germanys approach aligns with BeSingulars ethos of innovation, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds can access world-class learning experiences and pioneering practices.

Nitesh Jain, Founder & CEO of BeSingular

We are thrilled to join forces with TU Dresden to provide our learners with an exceptional educational journey, coupled with its technological prowess and innovative spirit, creating an ideal environment for our program focused on future skills,” said Nitesh Jain, Founder & CEO of BeSingular. “This collaboration opens doors to a world-class curriculum crafted by industry specialists and delivered by renowned professors, fostering a transformative learning environment,” he added.

The BeSingular Future Leaders Program (BeSingular FLP) at TU Dresden offers students a holistic educational experience. Participants will reside on campus, gaining early exposure to university life and accessing state-of-the-art facilities. They will have the unique opportunity to engage with top professors, visit industry-leading companies, and collaborate with national and international peers. TU Dresden holds a distinguished reputation as a university of eminence, further underscoring the significance of the collaboration.

Our aim is to transcend traditional learning paradigms by empowering our learners with future fluencies and essential values and giving them a chance to engage with leading experts, visit industry facilities, and collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, enhancing their global perspective and professional network,” added Dr. Thomas Khler, Professor at Dresden University of Technology.

Being the only Indo-German program of its kind, the program offers a transformative learning experience that goes beyond textbooks for students between grades 9 to 12. The last date to enter the program is 29th April’24 for India Chapter, 10th April’24 for the India+Germany Chapter.

For more details visit:flp.besingular.com.

Future Leaders Program (FLP) kicks off with the India Chapter, scheduled to take place from 4th to 14th June 2024 at O.P. Jindal Global University. This phase of the program will provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the core concepts and principles covered in FLP, setting the stage for the subsequent chapter.

The journey will then continue with the Germany Chapter, scheduled from 15th to 21st June 2024, hosted by Dresden University of Technology, Germany. This phase will offer students a unique opportunity to engage in cross-cultural learning and exchange, as they will collaborate with peers from different backgrounds and explore the intersection of Indian and German perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship.

About BeSingular

BeSingular is a pioneering platform that offers immersive and interdisciplinary courses designed to equip learners with critical future skills. Through a globally collated curriculum developed by industry specialists, BeSingular fosters a radically creative mindset, empathy, and intelligent optimism, inspiring learners to create a positive impact on human flourishing. The platform goes beyond imparting information, providing a formula for future success.

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