A girl student allegedly killed herself after becoming tired of being bullied by an instructor at her coaching centre here. Authorities have detained the teacher as they investigate the incident.

Shaili Singh, 20, who had travelled to Indore from the Panna district of Bundelkhand to be ready for a competitive exam, has been identified as the victim.

The incident happened near the Bhanwar Kua police station. In Krishna Dev Nagar, Shaili Singh was staying at a friend’s house. These two friends previously attended the nearby coaching centre to study. In the late hours of Saturday night, Shaily hanged himself in the room.

When Shelly’s suicide case was investigated, the police claim that no information was discovered in her mobile device because all of the data had been erased.

Shaili’s uncle and his friend gave the police their statements, and it was then discovered that Aman Aggarwal, a coach who taught in a coaching facility, had repeatedly harassed her and sent her vulgar text messages. Aman had also formatted his phone, so the police were unable to find any data when they searched it.

Aman Aggarwal has been detained by police based on a preliminary inquiry, and Shelly and Aman’s cell phones are currently being inspected.

According to Shaili’s family, she also complained to her mother about Aman’s treatment because she didn’t like how he was acting.

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