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In an impressive display of athleticism and dedication, students from CS Academy, Coimbatore, have emerged victorious in various district-level sports competitions for the 2023-2024 academic year. Across a spectrum of sports, including football, tennis, and volleyball, the school clinched Overall Championship titles at the Sahodaya and other district-level tournaments. In addition, CS Academy students won Championship titles in basketball, badminton, swimming, and tennis in the Regional Association of International Schools (RAIS) tournaments. With over 100 trophies and 200 medals earned this year, CS Academys sporting accomplishments shine brighter than ever.

CS Academy Coaches and team proudly display the trophies won by their students during the academic year 2023-24

Training sessions occur every evening on the school grounds following the conclusion of the school day. Players enthusiastically revealed that they use CC (Co-curricular) and AFS (After-school Sports) sessions to strengthen their skills. CC sessions are utilised by all the students, while the exclusive AFS sessions are reserved for the campus athletes, igniting their passion for the game. From the initial warm-ups to the thrilling gameplay, athletes embark on a journey of skill refinement and competitive fellowship. With dedicated coaches available for every sport on campus, players receive effective training aimed at pushing their limits to unlock their full potential.

“As the sports captain, I am thrilled and honoured to announce our schools remarkable achievements during my tenure. It has been an incredible journey, thanks to our coaches, who have worked tirelessly to shape us into the athletes we are today,” says Vishwa, Sports Captain.

Renowned for its sporting excellence and supported by dedicated and experienced coaches for all disciplines, CS Academy has consistently nurtured players who compete at district, state, and national levels. The Head of the Sports Department expressed immense pride in the students achievements and attributed their success to consistent commitment and dedication.

Our students achievements stand as a testament to their relentless dedication and hard work both on and off the field. It is a proud moment for us as coaches to witness their determination translate into success,” Says Mr. Vinoth, Head of the Sports Department.

The Principal emphasised that at CS Academy, physical fitness is given equal importance alongside academics. Sporting activities instil healthy competition in children, with each student encouraged to pursue a sport of their interest.

To know more about CS Academy Coimbatore, visit : csacademy.in/coimbatore.

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