JBCN International School

16th February 2024, Mumbai: On World Radio Day, the airwaves resonated with the vibrant energy of young minds as JBCN International School, Borivali, celebrated the transformative power of radio through its learner-led initiative, JBCN Radio. Spearheaded by Grade IV and V learners, these young Changemakers have been broadcasting thought-provoking episodes on their YouTube channel, covering many topics from current affairs to school events, all while honing essential skills like public speaking, confidence, and creative thinking. Under the constant mentorship from dedicated teachers, the JBCN Radio team has embraced the EduCreative spirit, showcasing their passion and enthusiasm for the world of radio.

Ms Debika Chatterji, Director Principal of JBCN International School, Borivali, shared her excitement about the initiative, saying, “JBCN Radio truly embodies the EduCreative spirit we strive to cultivate in our learners. Witnessing young minds evolve and foster unity and connectivity within our school community with the power of radio is truly heartening.”

Beyond skill development, JBCN Radio provides a platform for learners to express ideas, engage with diverse topics, and address concerns. Learners shaped a collaborative and enriched educational journey through their inclusive approach for all involved.

In celebrating World Radio Day, JBCN International School, Borivali, campus orchestrated various activities. These included information zones, social media trivia, poster making, and jingle creation, empowering learners to unleash their creativity and talents. The winners of these activities earned an opportunity to host their episode on JBCN Radio, further amplifying diverse voices within the school community and inculcating a culture of positive change.

Additionally, an interactive session was organised with RJ Saurabh Naik from All India Radio. During this session, the JBCN Radio team learned about voice culture, gained valuable insights, and acquired tricks to craft compelling and engaging content. This collaborative effort enriched the learners’ understanding of the radio industry and fuelled their passion for effective communication.

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