Google and HP team up to produce student-friendly Google Chromebook laptops in India through a strategic sourcing agreement. This project supports the Make in India program and aims to encourage digital education by providing students and educational institutions with cost-effective laptops made at HP’s Chennai-based Flex plant for a starting price of Rs 20,000.

Under the Make in India program, Google and HP have joined to manufacture affordable Chromebook computers in India.

The start of production is scheduled for October 2 at HP’s Chennai manufacturing site.

The start of production is scheduled for October 2 at HP’s Chennai manufacturing site.

The Make in India project has seen a big advance with the collaboration of tech giants HP and Google to produce Chromebook laptops in India that are affordable. Targeting the market for inexpensive notebooks, this strategic alliance will focus on meeting the requirements of government agencies, educational institutions, and students.

The Chromebook machines are anticipated to cost around Rs 20,000, according to the Times of India, with the possibility of significantly lower prices for larger orders. The Flex factory outside of Chennai, where HP has been producing laptops and desktops since August 2020, will be the site of production. The start of production is set for October 2, with an emphasis on satisfying the need for inexpensive PCs, particularly in the education sector. Google Chromebooks will now be built in India for the first time.

HP India’s Senior Director (Personal Systems), Vickram Bedi, reaffirmed the company’s dedication to promoting digital equity and assisting with initiatives for digital education in India. Local production of Chromebook laptops will boost Indian students’ access to affordable personal computers. Bedi also emphasized HP’s commitment to the Make in India initiative.

With its low-cost laptops, Google sees this partnership as an opportunity to enhance its integration into the Indian educational system. Google’s Bani Dhawan, Head of school for South Asia, highlighted the company’s continuous initiatives to support the local school ecosystem’s shift to digital-first learning experiences through a variety of products and teacher initiatives. In Google’s commitment to promote the digital revolution of education in India, the local production of Chromebooks in collaboration with HP marks a critical turning point.

Dhawan expressed the expectation that this partnership would quicken the adoption of technology in more educational institutions, guaranteeing that each student and teacher has access to the equipment and training required to realize their full potential. In addition to supporting India’s Make in India effort, this collaborative venture between HP and Google paves the way for more accessible and less expensive digital education solutions for students and institutions all around the nation.

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