Given that Priyanka Chopra’s Citadel has already been dubbed in a number of Indian languages, a fan of Samantha Ruth Prabhu questioned whether anyone would watch her show Citadel.

Soon, Samantha Ruth Prabhu will appear in the Indian adaptation of the spy-thriller web series Citadel on Prime Video. Along with her, Varun Dhawan will appear. Given that Priyanka Chopra’s Citadel debuted in a number of Indian languages last month, one of her followers questioned whether people would watch the Indian version. Samantha emphasised to supporters that the Indian version is an original work.

Samantha most recently shared images from her birthday party. One of her followers commented on the post, “@samantharuthprabhuoffl I have a question: Are the stories of your Citadel and Priyanka’s Citadel the same? Why do I ask? If you are adapting the same narrative for Indian viewers, then many people would have already seen it. Priyanka has been dubbed in all Indian languages. I’m a little perplexed. Can you explain whether it is the same or different? Happy birthday, sweetheart, by the way. God bless you.

The comment was quickly addressed by Samantha, who commented,

“@theweavingideas it is not a REMAKE!!” “Citadel main series has different spin-offs in different countries,” remarked another fan of the actor in an attempt to clarify everything. Varun and Samantha are matched in an Indian spin-off for one of the spin-off castings. It also features Spanish, Italian, and Mexican spin-offs that follow the main series in a parallel fashion with little to no crossover. I trust that answered your question.

Fans were grateful that Samantha reads her comment section after seeing her answer to it. Additionally, several of her supporters posted demands that she never again appear in a remake.
Currently, Samantha is developing Citadel’s Indian edition. The cast of her new Prime Video web programme made special arrangements for her birthday, as evidenced by the photos she uploaded from the party. The guidelines were straightforward—no surprises, no cake, and definitely no f**king balloons, Samantha said on her Instagram page after posting the photos. I definitely get what I want… The previous week.

Samantha reunites with Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, the directors of The Family Man, in the Indian adaptation of Citadel.

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