Famous Indian pacer Mohammad Siraj, who is currently representing the Faf du Plessis-led Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, has reported a “corrupt approach” to the BCCI’s Anti Corruption Unit (ACU).

According to sources, Siraj was asked by an unidentified man who is believed to be a driver for inside knowledge on the RCB. When it comes to a corrupt strategy, the BCCI has a rigid code of conduct.

“It is understood that the battle against corruption necessitates the quick reporting of all such methods, and that any unnecessarily long delay in doing so could limit the efficiency with which the ACU BCCI and other pertinent anti-corruption agencies can safeguard the integrity of the sport.

It is acknowledged that the determination of whether there was a “unnecessary delay” in each case will depend on its unique facts, but it is never acceptable .

Participant to hold off reporting that approach to the ACU BCCI until after the game in which he/she was invited to engage in corrupt conduct, “The anti-corruption code of the BCCI states.

The unidentified man sought inside information about Siraj’s team, according to a story in the PTI.

After suffering significant financial loss in a prior IPL match. When the India pacer received a call, he immediately informed ACU officials of the situation. “Siraj wasn’t approached by a bookie. It is a motorist from Hyderabad with a gambling addiction. He went to Siraj seeking inside information after suffering a significant loss.

“Siraj instantly reported the approach. The individual has been taken into custody by the police. Further information is required, a top BCCI source familiar with the situation informed PTI under the condition of anonymity.

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