The Android-based televisions produced by Xiaomi and its sub-brand Redmi are well recognised for their PatchWall user interface, which helps differentiate them from the competition.

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Review of the HD Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 (L32R8-FVIN): The Fire Wasn't Started by Mi 2

It’s a strategy that has been effective and provides some uniformity across the product line. The software experience is much the same whether you purchase a high-end Xiaomi TV or a budget Redmi model.

Nevertheless, the business’s recently released Smart Fire TV 32 provides that generally dependable and comfortable experience an unexpected skip.

The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 is the company’s first television to feature Fire TV OS, the smart TV and streaming platform created by Amazon for its own Fire TV line, and it costs Rs. 12,499 in India.

Although the Redmi Smart Fire TV line is a brand-new product category, Xiaomi has taken it easy with its initial offering.

Due to its small size and low price, the new TV, which is only offered in a single 32-inch size, appeals to the vast majority of smart TV consumers in India.

Naturally, this also means that, like the majority of other 32-inch televisions on the market, it only has an HD resolution of 1366×768 pixels and a typical refresh rate of 60Hz.

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