In the fast-paced digital era, the way we connect and share information has evolved tremendously. Keeping up with the changing times, has emerged as a game-changer in the networking sphere. Founded by Rajesh Salian, the visionary behind Marketing Keeda, introduces innovative solutions for seamless and impressive networking experiences.

Unveiling the Future of Networking: has officially launched its platform, offering a suite of cutting-edge products designed to enhance digital networking. The company’s flagship offerings include Digital Visiting Cards, NFC Tap Cards, and NFC Standees – all aimed at transforming how professionals and businesses connect.

  1. Digital Visiting Cards:
    Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards.’s Digital Visiting Cards are an eco-friendly and convenient alternative. These interactive digital cards allow users to share their contact information, social media profiles, and business details effortlessly. With customizable templates and dynamic updates, users can make a lasting impression in the digital realm. The personalised links for the individual/brand cost just Rs. 500 for the first year and Rs. 100 every year. Not only that 20% of this amount goes towards the Tree plantation initiative by Marketing Keeda and its partnering NGOs.
  2. NFC Tap Cards:
    The NFC Tap Cards from leverage near field communication (NFC) technology to simplify information exchange. Users can share their contact details, portfolios, or any desired information by simply tapping their card on a compatible device. This tech-savvy approach not only streamlines networking but also sets a new standard for modern professionalism. This would be the last visiting card you would ever need.
  3. NFC Standees:’s NFC Standees are a unique and eye-catching way to share information at events, offices, or storefronts. These standees are equipped with NFC technology, allowing anyone to tap their smartphone and instantly access relevant details about a business, product, or service. It’s an interactive and engaging way to make a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

Founder’s Vision:

Rajesh Salian, the mastermind behind and the driving force behind Marketing Keeda, envisions a future where networking is not just efficient but also environmentally conscious. With his wealth of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, Salian aims to redefine professional connections through’s innovative solutions.
“As we stride into the digital age, the evolution of networking tools becomes imperative. Digital visiting cards aren’t just about convenience and efficiency; they signify a commitment to a sustainable and socially responsible future. Embracing technology doesn’t mean discarding our responsibility towards the environment.

By choosing digital over paper, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also set a new standard for professionalism. is not just a platform; it’s a declaration of our commitment to a future where innovation meets environmental consciousness. Let’s connect digitally, leaving a positive impact on the planet we all share. The era of paper visiting cards is fading, making way for a more sustainable and connected future. For every account you create with us, it allows us to plant 4 saplings along with our NGO partners”


As enters the digital networking arena, it promises a revolution in the way professionals connect and share information. With the introduction of Digital Visiting Cards, NFC Tap Cards, and NFC Standees, the company aims to set new standards for efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in networking. Founder Rajesh Salian’s vision is clear – to empower individuals and businesses with tools that not only simplify networking but also leave a positive impact on the environment. Create an account with a 7 day Free Trial and embrace the future of networking with

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