Om Meditation Techniques and Advantages Om meditation focuses on the Om mantra, which has been passed down from generation to generation in various religions and cultures.

Om mantra is a deep realisation of realities that exist in each of our lives but that we often fail to understand because we do not pay attention to our inner self.

When the world was once just one person and the thought was to multiply it, vibration was heard. The sound ‘Om’ was created by a vibration. Om is known as Pranava, which means it sustains life through breathing.

It represents the four states of’supreme being,’ and the three sounds A-U-M (om) represent waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and the surrounding silence. This is why the ‘Om’ symbol is considered holy.

Om Meditation Methods:

Om meditation:

Choose a quiet location.

1. Close your eyes and feel completely relaxed.
2. Relax your muscles and nerves by closing your eyes.
3. Maintain your calm by focusing on the space between your brows.
4. Allow your conscious mind to be silent and focus solely on the task at hand.
5. Begin mentally chanting ‘Om’ as you consider ideas like eternity, immortality, infinity, and happiness. 6. 6. Consider the abstract. You should make yourself feel infinite and all-encompassing.
7. You must remember the meaning of Om; simply repeating it will not produce the desired results.
8. You’ll quickly feel pure and perfect. You’d feel as if you knew everything and had been set free as a bird.

9. These ideas should shake every part of your body, so that not only your mind, but also your body and senses, get the feeling.
10. Maintain consistency in practise and move slowly and steadily with belief, sincerity, enthusiasm, and perseverance. Early mornings, sunsets, and evenings are ideal times to practise.


  1. Om meditation has been shown to heal illnesses. Because your entire body vibrates, you feel more positive and take life more seriously.
  1. It awakens in you a spiritual side that draws you closer to God.
  2. Chanting Om removes all worldly thoughts and prevents you from becoming distracted.
  3. If you are depressed, you should take a few minutes to meditate. You will feel better after chanting Om 50 times. It relieves stress and helps your brain relax.
  4. Om mediation can help people who need to boost their self-esteem.
  5. If you keep chanting Om, you will have a powerful and sweet voice. You’ll figure it out in a few weeks. The word’s rhythmic repetition would keep your mind focused.
  6. You have the impression that you are gaining new powers. You have the ability to overcome your problems and are ready to face the world. Your eyes and face will reflect it.
  7. The word Om contains cosmic energy that gives us good vibes and makes us feel pure. The most important benefit of meditation is the ability to let go of thoughts and improve concentration.

Remember the following:

  1. Select a suitable environment in which you can concentrate and mediate more effectively.
  2. The word can be pronounced Om or Aum.
  3. When chanting, emphasise the pronunciation of M rather than O.
  4. Chanting this mantra brings positive energy into your environment. Every time you chant it, you will feel the vibrations it creates, and you will notice a difference.

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