India’s 10-wicket loss against Australia in the second ODI has Rohit Sharma “disappointed.”

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma is "disappointed" with India's 10 wicket loss to Australia in the second One-Day International. 2

The second One Day International between Australia and India was played earlier today at Vishakhapatnam. Australia had earlier defeated India in the first one, with a low-scoring thrilling victory at Wankhede Stadium. The second ODI between India and Australia ended in a 10 wicket loss for the Men in Blue, who had an odd off day at work.

The captain of Team India, Rohit Sharma, expressed his unhappiness during the post-match presentation and was clearly dissatisfied with how the team played in the game. According to him, the hitters failed to put more than 117 runs on the board and the surface lacked such devils.

In the post-game presentation, Rohit Sharma observed,

“Losing a game is just disheartening. “We didn’t work hard right off the bat. insufficient runs were scored. There were not 117 wickets. We kept losing wickets, making it difficult for us to score the runs we needed.

India suffered a string of wicket losses, as the innings failed to establish even a single partnership. India’s innings was ended by the Australian bowlers at a pitiful score of 117 runs.

“After Shubman was out in the first over, Virat and I swiftly scored 30-35 runs. But after that, I lost my wicket, and we lost two wickets quickly. That put us at a disadvantage. Coming back from that circumstance is never easy, he continued.

The Australian openers, who appeared unscathed in their performance, were another group that the bowlers had a difficult time disturbing. Whether they bowled with pace or spin, Mitchell Marsh and Travis Head were too hot to handle for the Indian bowlers.

With 10 wickets still in tact, Australia completed the 117-run total chase in just 11 overs. In ODI matches against India, they also set a record for fastest target chase with 11 overs. The previous holder of this record was New Zealand, who needed just 14.4 overs to bat out 93 runs against India.

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