01. According to a Lancet study, 123 million individuals in India are predicted to have diabetes by 2040. ​

We requested an estimate from ChatGPT on the diabetes burden in India by 2050. ​ 2

With 77 million people suffering from the condition, Africa is the world’s diabetes capital. According to a Lancet study, this population could reach 123 million by 2040.

We asked ChatGPT to forecast the burden of diabetes on India by 2050.

Even though several health reports and studies have been focusing on the risk factors, causes, and solutions to lower the incidence of diabetes in both older and younger persons.

02. In India, the prevalence of diabetes is predicted to rise sharply over the next several decades. ​

A study that was published in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology Journal projects that 123 million Indians would have diabetes by 2040.

03. In India, diabetes causes 6.3% of all fatalities. ​

According to ChatGPT, diabetes can cause serious health complications like cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, blindness, and amputations. Diabetes is a big public health concern in India because it can also cause a number of other serious health issues.

According to a ChatGPT-generated article, diabetes accounts for 6.3% of all fatalities in India, making it a prominent cause of death there as well.

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