As they progress through their orbits as seen from Earth, Venus and Mars will soon couple up in the skies above India. Due to the Moon’s absence, the two planets will seem dazzling in the sky.

Contrary to the evening star, which is about nine light minutes away, Venus is currently paired close to the Pleiades Star Cluster, which is almost 444 light years from Earth.

As it continues to orbit the sun, Mars will couple up with Venus in the sky until Thursday. The ideal time to see the planet will be soon after the first hours of sunset, when it will be visible with a reddish glow to the unaided eye.

Mercury will appear in the night sky with the other two planets, although it will just be a passing visitor.

Since April 11th, Mercury has been visible in the sky, and it will continue to be so until Wednesday. The planet will be visible until 8:16 pm, at which point it will set in the horizon and disappear for several weeks.

On the evening of April 23, the moon and Venus will be in close proximity, with the thin crescent Moon hanging only five degrees above Venus in the west after sunset.

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