Bisleri International and Gauri Khan unveil an exclusive limited-edition label for Vedica’s Himalayan Sparkling water category. This collaboration epitomizes a fusion of sophistication and creativity. Gauri Khan infuses her distinctive design expertise into curating an exclusive label design for Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water, seamlessly blending her artistic vision with the unparalleled refreshment of Vedica Sparkling Water.

The brand unveils the creative process behind the labels inception with an engaging short film, giving viewers an intimate look into the collaboration. The limited-edition bottle will be available in select channels and markets across the country.

Speaking about the initiative Jayanti Khan Chauhan, Vice Chairperson, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. said, “Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water epitomizes sophistication and ingenuity in every aspect. Gauri Khan, renowned for her embodiment of elegance and contemporary aesthetics, seamlessly aligns with this partnership. Her designs, both modern and timeless, fortify our positioning of Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water within our discerning audience. The limited-edition label exudes a contemporary allure that resonates with the refined taste of our consumers, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.”

Commenting on her collaboration withBisleri Vedica,Gauri Khansaid, “Im excited to partner with a premium brand like Bisleri Vedica, known for its graceful adaptation to evolving trends and consumer expectations. Inspired by my recent mountain expedition, the label design features golden accents that reflect the celestial allure of the night sky, adding a luxurious touch. My goal was to evoke a sense of purity and harmony in the design, perfectly resonating with the brands foundational principles.”

The collaboration embodies a seamless fusion of refinement and innovation, mirroring Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Waters harmonious combination of lively bubbles and precisely balanced mineral composition. This intricate artistry is crafted for the refined culinary enthusiasts.

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