Kopar Khairane

Combing operation: A Bangladeshi was caught along with four criminals.

Kopar Khairane

areato crime A combing operation was conducted by the police on Saturday night to prevent it. Four Sarai criminals and one Bangladeshi woman were caught by the police. A senior inspector has been injured in a fight with a criminal.

Constantly in Kopar Khairne areacriminality Actions are happening. Gangs have formed in the alleys and there are incidents of clashes between them. The police have taken steps to prevent those who want to become brothers from such gangs and burglars. For this, a combing operation was conducted under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Pankaj Dahane on Saturday night in Kopar Khairane police station limits. For this, 14 units of reserve force were provided from the headquarters with the help of Senior Inspector Audumbar Patil, Inspector Suhas Chavan.

It included 25 officers and 140 employees. Through them, on Saturday night, Kopar Khairne, Ghansoli areas were blocked and searched for criminals. Four Sarai criminals and a Bangladeshi woman were found in this. Their names are Salim Imam Khan (28), Rizwan Sadiq Qureshi (32), Ajju Francis (27), Sahil Ansari (22) and Poppy Mulla (20). Three of them are Khairane and one is a resident of Bonkode.

17 cases of burglary have been registered against Salim. But he was evading the police for many days. Sahil has also been charged with theft and four stolen mobile phones have been recovered from him. Poppy Mulla, a Bangladeshi woman, was found in the Kulsum building in Khairne village and her two relatives fled in the dark.

A crime narrowly avoided

Senior Inspector Audumbar Patil along with his colleagues was patrolling the road at Kopar Khairne Sector 5 when he became suspicious of a young man standing on a two-wheeler in front of Parsik Bank. At the same time, when the young man on the bike was preparing to take a cue from him, his eyes fell on the police mat. Due to this, while he was running away, Audumbar Patil and his colleagues chased him and tried to catch him. At this time, Patil snatched the gun from him and in the melee, Patil was injured and the suspected criminal managed to escape.

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Kopar Khairane : Criminals arrested 2
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