PUNE: History is often written by the exceptional, and Mrs. Jayashree Subhash Gadade from Urulikanchan in Pune is one such luminary.

Mrs. Jayashree Subhash
Pune's Artistic Beacon: Mrs. Jayashree Subhash Gadade Shines with Record-breaking Lord Ganesha Sketches 3

This 58-year-old postgraduate in Arts has now added another feather to Pune’s illustrious cap. With her sublime talent, she has set an unparalleled record in the India Book of Records with her breathtaking sketches of Lord Ganesha.

Jayashree’s repertoire boasts over 1000 distinctive sketches of the deity, including 142 that encapsulate the deity in its many revered forms, such as the Ashtavinayak Ganpatis, the premier five Ganpati mandals, and countless other ethereal representations. This monumental feat towers over the previous record of 46 sketches by Mrs. Atyam Ramadevi of Telangana.

Born near the spiritual epicenter of Shirdi in Kopergaon taluka, Jayashree’s devotion was fostered from an early age. Her commitment to art was evident in her early works that predominantly featured Sai Baba. Besides her evident talent in arts, her background also reflects a legacy of leadership and service. Her father and uncle were renowned politicians of the Ahmednagar district, further enriching her life’s tapestry with their wisdom and guidance.

Jayashree’s family, a paragon of achievement, boasts of her husband, Mr. Subhash, a retired stalwart from the Indian Railways, her son, Dr. Sanket, an engineer, PhD holder, and renowned author, and her daughter, Nikita, a successful engineer.

The iconic Sarasbaug Ganpati Mandir in Pune recently became the backdrop to a grand felicitation ceremony in honor of Jayashree’s unmatched achievement. The event was graced by eminent personalities like Pandit Jagannath Ladkat, a distinguished historian; Shri Satish Mohol, a prominent BJP leader; Sau. Chhaya Gadade; Mr. Nitin Girme; Mrs. Geeta Girme; Shri. Rajendra Tathe, and others.

At this significant juncture, an emotional Mrs. Jayashree remarked, “To have this record coincide with the sacred day of Ganesh Chaturthi is divine intervention. Lord Ganesha has been my muse, my guiding force, and I am deeply grateful for His blessings and the unyielding support of my family.”

At 58, having balanced family and her passion, Mrs. Jayashree’s journey serves as an inspiring beacon for many. Her story isn’t just about art; it’s about legacy, devotion, and boundless potential. We look forward to more masterpieces from this extraordinary artist.

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