Samantha recently uploaded a photo of the sunset she took when she was in the area.

Tollywood actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu 

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a Tollywood actress who recently made a great comeback with “Yashoda,” is getting ready for the release of her upcoming film, “Shaakuntalam.” While her upcoming film is eagerly anticipated by fans, there have been numerous rumours that the actress’s residence may change.

Despite what the general public thinks, the actress has not moved her base to Chennai; Mumbai is now her permanent residence. It’s true what you just read!

Samantha just posted a photo of the sunset that she had taken while standing where she was. She doesn’t appear to have taken the photo from a five-star hotel in Mumbai; rather, it was apparently taken from a building there. The actress may have shot the picture from the balcony of her “new house” in Mumbai, according to rumours that have arisen as a result of this.

According to rumours, Sam recently moved into a three-bedroom, opulent flat in Mumbai with a breath-taking view of the ocean. It is said to be worth Rs 15 crore.

The highly anticipated Citadel series with Varun Dhawan is Samantha’s second Hindi project, which she is currently filming. She might have relocated to Mumbai recently for this assignment. Additionally, sources indicate that the actress has shown interest in a number of important Bollywood movies.

In addition, Samantha’s social media engagement has significantly increased recently, as we have seen. She has been sharing happy stories and updates. Fans think she is totally recovered and prepared to start working again.

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