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Solitario, a leading jewellery brand known for its exceptional lab-grown diamonds of superior quality, recently introduced its latest line during a spectacular launch event beneath the gleaming lights of Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Renowned Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, alongside CEO of Solitario, Ricky Vasandani and Co-Founder of Solitario, Satish Daryanani, announced the brand’s launch in Dubai.

Solitairo shines bright at Burj Khalifa in presence of founders Vivek Oberoi, Ricky Vasandani and Satish Daryanani

The opulent launch was attended by esteemed guests, includingSafa Siddique of Dubai Bling, Egyptian football luminary Mohamed Zidan and beloved TV host Rania Abi Nader. Solitario, heralded as timeless sustainable luxury, proudly expands its international presence with the launch of its fourth outpost, set to grace Dubai Hills on February 23, 2024. The success of the event was orchestrated by the core team, consisting of Kabir Kate, Kamini Singh, Anurag Lunia and Pavani Verma, whose strategic efforts propelled the launch at Dubais most iconic location. Their collective dedication is instrumental in solidifying Solitarios global presence.

With a flourishing presence across 10 stores in India and strategic presence in Spain, Nigeria and the Bahamas, Solitario has become a beacon of ethical elegance. The latest collection has a diverse range of earrings, necklaces and rings.

Vivek Oberoi, expressing his commitment, comments, “We are striving to build a conscious world where we can elevate beauty but still have integrity. We have gathered our closest friends and alliances to help spread the message that absolutely everyone can and should own diamond jewellery and we are democratizing it to all.”

Satish Daryanani, said, “Solitario not only makes ethical products but has the largest variety of designs in lab-grown diamonds.”

Ricky Vasandani, said, “We created Solitario with the intention of designing modern-day heirlooms. Each piece of jewellery has been carefully crafted and certified and we are proud to showcase our latest collection in our new store in Dubai Hills next month.”

Solitario marks a significant stride towards sustainable elegance, embodying a harmonious fusion of beauty, consciousness and integrity in every exquisite piece.

About Solitario

Solitario is a homegrown diamond brand offering exclusive lab-grown diamond jewellery. The brand is pioneering the lab-grown diamond industry in India with the latest machinery and state-of-the-art cutting and processing units.

For more information, please visit www.thesolitario.com.

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