Step into the Realm of Aztec

When the idea of building a home takes root, we imagine constructing our homes in a tranquil environment surrounded by convenient facilities.

Building a home that sits snug in a picturesque environment enables us to escape from the train of humdrum thoughts ofthe hectic world. Our homes are a place to rejuvenate and let go ofthe gloomy aura that envelops us even if just for a moment.

Welcome to Aztec

We are delighted to invite you to the launch of Elephantine’s Aztec, a 14-acre secure community of residential plots nestled in the heart of Thirumazhisai.

Aztec Villa Plots, an ambitious project of Elephantine Enterprises Private Limited is for those who wish to reside in a luxurious community that embraces a calm atmosphere equipped with excellent features.

Be one ofthe first to choose your premium plot on the launch day! You will also be treated to lunch and high tea at the site!

Cocooned amidst remarkable amenities

Situated in the spectacular environment of Thirumazhisai, Aztec Villa Plots offers a diverse set of facilities in a serene, secure gated community so you can feel the essence of tranquillity in the air. These plots are strategically located for you to experience the finest amenities available.

The Chennai Outer Ring Road, located just 4 KM away, links not just national highways such as NH 48, NH 716, and NH 16, but also provides a link to the Northern and Southern areas of Chennai. Further, the six-lane road is built to accommodate a metro rail line if the future calls for one.

One can rid of worries regarding water shortage here. The high ground water table of Thirumazhisai provides access to plenty of water. Also, this area is peppered with Educational Institutes, Entertainment places, Sports Academies, Hospitals, and Religious places – all located at just a stone’s throw. To name a few, we have Loyola International Residential School, Government Hospital, Queensland Amusement Park, EVP Cinemas, Veera Anjaneya Temple, Ava Maria Church, and Masjid E Rabbani.

Apart from the area being sprinkled with convenient facilities, it comes with a magnificent landscape laden with trees and filled with a cool breeze drifting from the nearby lake. Often, one is at a great advantage of sighting exotic migratory birds flying across the blue skies or perched on a nearby tree. At the end ofthe day, you are engulfed in an environment whose atmosphere has a satisfactory air quality index.

Adorned with world-class facilities

When you stroll into their gated community, you are met with exceptional facilities like:

Secure environment with 24X7 surveillance

Impeccable blacktop roads

A play zone for children to let loose

High compound walls for protection against evil forces

Modern streetlights

Rainwater harvesting

Open-air gym for the health conscious

Reflexology pathways

Aesthetic parks for a few minutes of getaway from the hustle and bustle ofthe world.

Elevated house plans

Plot Size and Ownership

Elephantine Enterprises Private Limited was created with the purpose of making affordable homes available to people. The available sizes ofAztec Villa Plots range from 600 square feet to 1355 square feet giving buyers the flexibility to buy a plot according to their idea of a dream home. Once a plot is bought, rest assured, one has complete ownership of their plots. These plots are known to have a high appreciation value over the next 5 years.

To be surrounded by peace and comfort is what we long for and that is what a home represents. Aztec Villa Plots is a haven for those who wish to build their homes in the lap of luxurious facilities. Contact them to know more details.

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