Apple is actively working on an iPad feature that would function like a smart home, though it might come out later than iPhones. iPads do not yet support lock screen widgets, which are currently only accessible on iPhones. new

In iOS 17, Apple will roll out a feature that will turn locked iPhones into smart home displays. When the phone is locked and laid horizontally, the interface will display weather updates, calendar events, and notifications in a manner reminiscent of smart home displays, according to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Gurman added that the functionality of the aforementioned interface will mimic that of Google and Amazon’s smart home products. This function is designed to make iPhones more useful when they are lying idle on a desk or nightstand. It will make use of a dark background and bright lettering to make it easy to read at a distance. new

The lock screen’s functionality will be enhanced by the smart home-style display, which builds on Apple’s lock screen widgets introduced in iOS 16. On their lock screens, these widgets let users access succinct information like weather updates and news headlines. This idea will be expanded upon by the impending smart home-style display in iOS 17, which will offer a more immersive and thorough information presentation. new

The tech giant is actively creating a smart home-style display function for iPads, according to the Gurman story. However, it is important to note that Apple generally updates iPhones with new features more quickly than iPads. This is clear from the absence of iPad lock screen widgets, despite their availability on iPhones. Apple is nevertheless striving to eventually add smart home-style display functionality to iPads.

For iOS 17, Apple has a tonne of plans, including big revisions to the Wallet app for the iPhone and enhancements to its location services. A special journaling app is also rumoured to be in development, with the goal of making it easier for users to keep track of their ideas. Additionally, SharePlay, a function that enables synchronised streaming of TV episodes, movies, and music with friends and family during FaceTime calls, is a feature that Apple is actively working to improve. These upgrades show Apple’s dedication to bringing iOS 17 users a richer and more complete experience.

Updates to Apple’s AirPlay technology, which allows streaming and video sharing between Apple devices and Apple TV or compatible smart TVs, are in the works. To make streaming video and audio to devices that users do not directly own easier, the internet giant has been in talks with hotels. These upgrades aim to improve the overall AirPlay experience and increase its applicability in many contexts, giving Apple device users more comfort and freedom.

Additionally, according to Tech Crunch, Apple is working on emotion-tracking technology and will soon release an iPad version of the iPhone Health app. The Health app will also be updated to include the new features for tracking emotions and treating eye problems like nearsightedness.

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