Yearly Net Profit at Rs. 20.58 crore in Year 2023-2024 up 20.49% from Rs. 17.08 crore in Year 2022-2023.

EBITDA stands at Rs. 29.36 crore in Year 2023-2024 up 20.27% from Rs. 24.41 crore in Year 2022-2023.

Axita Cotton Limited‘s Revenue skyrocketed to a staggering Rs. 1104 Crore, a remarkable 100.89% Y-o-Y increased as compared to Rs. 549.83 Crore. This impressive feat underscore Axita Cottons commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional value.

Commenting on the results, Mr. Nitinbhai Govindbhai Patel, Chairman, Axita Cotton Limited said, “Were delighted to report surpassing a significant revenue milestone of Rs. 1104.38 in FY2024. This success is a result of our teams exceptional execution and the growing adoption of Technologies. Looking ahead, our unwavering commitment lies in seamlessly integrating our acquisitions, meticulously following our strategic roadmap, and fostering sustainable, profitable revenue growth.”

In an affirmative move and a robust financial gesture that has resonated well with the market, Axita Cotton Limited. has announced a 10% dividend for FY2023-2024, a decision that has been perceived as a shining indicator of the companys financial health.

The announcement of the dividend has been perceived positively by the market, as it underscores the companys strong sales growth and profitability. It is not merely a distribution of profits but also a reinforcement of the companys potential for sustained growth and profitability in the future.

Highlights of FY:2023-2024

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