Hello, I’m Parikshit, and I stand before you not only as a counselor for alcoholism but as a survivor of the very battle I now help others fight. My story is one of resilience, redemption, and the transformative power of counseling. Alcohol had once held me captive, destroying every aspect of my life. Today, I share my experiences to offer hope, understanding, and a lifeline to those drowning in the clutches of alcoholism.
Alcoholism: A Silent Struggle
Alcoholism is a disease that silently destroys lives. When an individual finally reaches out for help, society is quick to judge, leaving the alcoholic and their family to suffer in silence. It’s a battle against time, and unchecked alcoholism often leads to premature death. I offer hope through counseling, sharing the miracles that have happened for thousands who have managed to keep this disease at bay. All that is required is to reach out, and I’m here to help at +91 9811849247, +917703820672.
Recovery: A Daily Commitment
As an alcoholic, I violated my own standards quicker than I could lower them. Addiction made me selfish, blind to the havoc I created and indifferent to the shattered lives around me. Recovery isn’t a one-time event; it’s a daily commitment. Through counseling, I found the strength to work on myself every single day, understanding that this battle doesn’t take a day off.
The Destructive Nature of Alcohol:
Alcohol erases fragments of your identity with every sip, sometimes even entire nights during a binge. It doesn’t relieve stress; instead, it numbs your senses and erases your ability to think clearly. It’s a gradual self-erasure that affects not just the individual but everyone in their orbit.

Experience as a Counselor:
People often ask, “What experience do I have to be a counselor?” The answer lies in my 23 years of battling alcoholism. I faced the gates of hell—losing myself financially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. From that darkness, a fellow alcoholic reached out and pulled me back. Today, I write this without the crutch of alcohol, living a normal, healthy life. I haven’t conquered alcohol; I’ve learned to manage the disease, much like one manages diabetes.

The Global Impact of Alcoholism:
Worldwide, alcoholism claims 3 million lives annually, representing 5.3% of all deaths. It’s a disease that affects individuals physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, financially, and spiritually. Those close to the alcoholic suffer, often perplexed as to why the person can’t quit. The answer is simple—the person can’t stop and doesn’t know how to.
The Role of Counseling:
The first step is acknowledging the problem. Counseling becomes the guiding light, providing a structured process to overcome this horrid disease. I personally met someone who guided me through the entire journey of quitting alcohol. I implore all of you reading this to share this article with those suffering and to refrain from making fun of this disease. Recovery is possible under the right guidance, and counseling is the key to reconnecting with reality.
Signs You Need Counseling:
Understanding the signs of a drinking problem is crucial. If you feel guilty or ashamed while drinking, hide your drinking problems, depend on alcohol to cope with stress, engage in binge drinking, frequently consume alcohol, or notice drinking patterns negatively impacting social functioning, it’s time to consider attending a de-addiction counseling program.
Holistic Recovery:
Alcohol’s impact extends beyond the physical. It affects mental well-being, emotional stability, spiritual connection, and financial security. Recovery is a holistic process, involving the cessation of alcohol use and a focus on reconnecting with these fundamental aspects of life. Progress in each area enhances overall well-being, fostering motivation for continued recovery efforts.
I am here to extend a hand to those trapped in the grips of alcoholism. I am living proof that with counseling and the right guidance, recovery is not just a possibility but a reality. Reach out, seek help, and let us navigate this journey together. Alcoholism may cast a long shadow, but with counseling, we can emerge into the light of a healthier, happier life.

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