Fans of Rashmika Mandanna and Nithiin can expect something spectacular.

Following the success of their 2020 film Bheeshma, the cast is reuniting for another project with filmmaker Venky Kudumula. Bheeshma was also directed by Venky Kudumula.

With the reunion of the trio, the production team for the upcoming film has released a new video announcing the project. The amusing video, which has gone viral on social media, begins with Rashmika’s voiceover, “We are not hurting anyone else’s feelings.” We are causing ourselves pain. Thank you very much.” Nithiin then repeats the same message in Telugu.

The video then shows Rashmika and Nithiin meeting on set.

Nithiin inquires whether Rashmika will be returning to the team, which Rashmika confirms.

“Our director writes your (Rashmika’s) name before Om on the script,” he responds.
When Nithiin inquires about Rashmika’s whereabouts, she replies that she has been interacting with fans on social media. “You are the national crush,” the actor responds.

So you’ll have a lot of followers,” he says, sneakily adding, “Only live or any controversies,” referring to Rashmika’s recent run-in with controversy over her statements. Rashmika quickly comes to a halt and says, “Don’t go there. Two or three controversies follow my one statement.” Nithiin consoles her by saying, “My one hit is followed by two-three flops.”

Rashmika, never one to be held back, says, “But leave that, we’re doing a film together,” and begins to perform the hook step of her song Saami Saami from Pushpa: The Rise.

“Why have you been doing the same step wherever you go?” a perplexed Nithiin asks. Rashmika responds, “Because it went on to become a huge success.” Nithiin responds, “Had I used my success to my advantage as you do, I would have been in a much better place.”

When it comes to the rest of the cast, we meet composer GV Prakash. While GV Prakash believes he is the film’s hero, Nithiin and Rashmika inform him that he is only the music director and not an actor in this project. “I thought this would be an excellent Telugu debut for me.” “I even brought my makeup,” a dejected GV Prakash says.

Venky Kudumula, the filmmaker, later arrives on the scene and explains that this film will be very different from Chalo and Bheeshma. He also does not reveal the project’s title. Mythri Movie Makers is financing the film. Rashmika Mandanna captioned the video, “A trio so rare even we are aware.” The #VNRTrio is back with something more entertaining and daring. “The shoot will begin soon.”

Rashmika Mandanna was most recently seen in Mission Majnu. Animal and Pushpa 2: The Rule are two of her upcoming projects. In contrast, Nithiin was spotted in Macherla Niyojakavargam.

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