Shah Rukh Khan is currently shooting for Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Dunki’.

Recently, the cast and crew travelled to Kashmir to film a crucial scene for the movie. According to sources, they are now filming a crucial moment for the movie that is crucial to the plot. While a video of SRK receiving a raucous welcome in Kashmir went viral previously, one can now see another video spinning on fan clubs.

Taapsee is also shown wearing a beige jacket, and SRK is dressed in a red jacket with a checkered top. Vicky Kaushal was reportedly filming in Kashmir, however no one could see him, according to the fan group. Vicky’s involvement in “Dunki” became widely known when multiple fans shared photos of them with the actor and claimed that he had previously been on the movie’s set.

Another fan club released a photo of SRK posing with some of his followers and wearing a black jacket. In Kashmir, Khan can be seen taking pictures with the hotel workers.

Shah Rukh is still basking in the glow of “Pathaan,” which broke all box office records for Hindi films. As a result, fans have even higher hopes for his forthcoming projects. In addition, SRK is now filming Atlee’s upcoming movie “Jawan,” which is also nearly finished. Deepika Padukone appears in the movie briefly and was seen filming alongside SRK.
It’s expected that “Dunki” will be finished this week.

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