Shilpa Shetty is a health nut. The actress is renowned for maintaining a strict, healthy diet and a well-rounded exercise routine. She frequently posts pictures and videos of herself doing yoga or working out in the gym. Shilpa recently updated her motivational videos with a new post. She advanced her yoga poses and showed off a hip mobility exercise that is right up her alley.

Shilpa folds one leg and rests the foot of the other one on the knee of the other while she stands on her yoga mat. She brings up the folded leg up to her upper body and stands straight, pushing one hand inside the folded leg and the other behind the foot. She balances her full body on one leg while performing the asana, which appears to be difficult. Her namaskar marks the asana’s conclusion.

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Shilpa Shetty also enumerates the advantages of this hip mobility exercise in the video’s commentary. The hip mobility fad is one that’s right up my alley, the woman wrote. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to do it! Though it might seem simple, it truly isn’t! The Iliotibial Band Muscle, the Glute, and the Hip Flexors can all benefit from stretching, though.

The exercise should not be performed by anyone who has sciatica, a slip disc, a backache, or is pregnant, according to Shilpa Shetty when talking about the dos and don’ts.

A largely sedentary lifestyle has an impact on the body’s general mobility. For the majority of us, our level of physical activity has significantly fallen since the pandemic. Hip mobility is important for more than just ensuring adequate hip movement and function; it also increases overall strength. Stiff hips can lead to a cascade of other body pain hotspots, and even injuries. Exercises to increase hip mobility may therefore be very beneficial in easing knee and lower back pain.

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